September 4th baby!

New trailer for GAMER!

At last the plot is starting to come together.  While there was never a doubt that the visuals would be stunning and the style would be a hectic sensual over-load, (Neveldine and Taylor always deliver the rush. As long as you’re not looking for much beyond that, you’ll be entertained and satisfied.)  I’m not a "gamer" so the premise of this one didn’t automatically send shivers down my spine. Okay, I was on board for the visceral thrills (not to mention it stars Gerard Butler – ’nuff said.)

But we’ve now been given a clue as to what set all this in motion in the first place. I’m very glad to know there’s some "there" there and we will not merely be subjected to a series of loosely strung together explosions.  While explosions, car chases and camera tricks are nice too, I’m a big fan of character development and story.  Call me crazy.  This trailer gives me reason to believe Gamer has those things.

We’ll see. I’ll be there on September 4th to find out.


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