This is a RANT…with pictures

Why is it whenever you read something somewhere and they mention the movie “300”, they always refer to it as “2006’s 300” It came out in 2007. All i can think is they are fact checking with imdb which lists 2006 but, as usual, is wrong.

It irks me.

It’s only been a little over two years since the release of “300”, when the rest of the world sat up and started to take notice, which is why it pissed me off that someone referred to him today as the “ubiquitous” Gerard Butler. Granted, it wasn’t one of the major blogs or sites but give me a break.

The man has been slaving away in the land of “Gerard who?” for 12 years and now because he has the temerity to have 3 movies out in one year he’s “ubiquitous”??

Although, truth be told I was afraid of this when they moved up the release date for Law Abiding Citizen. While I personally am thrilled, because I didn’t know how I was going to survive the long winter months of being teased via Twitter by director F. Gary Gray, my first thought was that it was awfully close to Gamer, which was in turn awfully close to The Ugly Truth.

I suppose we’re meant to trust that the minds that get paid the big bucks for making these kinds of decisions know what they’re doing. I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the complex maneuverings and negotiations involved in scheduling a film’s release. It must amount to at least as intricate a process as scheduling the launch of the space shuttle, and since I can’t handle physics or calculus, fugget about it.

The Ugly Truth was filmed April – June 2008, Gamer was filmed Nov 07- Jan 08 and Law Abiding Citizen was filmed January- March 09 and they’re all coming out within three months of each other! My point is, how is this Gerard Butler’s “problem” and why does it make him “ubiquitous”?

That hardly seems fair, to hang a dismissive label like that on him. I don’t recall anyone referring to John C Reilly as “ubiquitous” the year he was nominated for an Oscar for “Chicago” and also appeared in “Gangs of New York”, “The Good Girl” and “The Hours”. Would anyone refer to Kate Winslet that way? In 2004 alone she had three major releases and did voice work for another. Paul Giamatti typically appears in a minimum of five theatrical releases per year. Is someone going to make the argument that these actors are not in G’s league? Why? These people are considered “actor’s actors.” Does A-List (WTF that means)Celebrity status mean you are limited to one major motion picture per annum? Gee, even Brad Pitt sometimes cranks out two a year.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Gerard Butler does not know nor care that I so vehemently object to this tag. He does not need me to defend him. My objection probably has more to do with the incorrect usage of the word than anything else. Perhaps if he’d said “suddenly ubiquitous” and then explained himself it wouldn’t have gotten under my skin the way it did. As it was, it smacked of someone having a little too much fun with the thesaurus. It bugs me that any jamoche with access to the internet can have a blog *raises hand* and that same idiot’s waxings can be picked up by a Google search and be boomeranged all over the wide wide world of web. The next thing you know, a wire service like UPI or AP will get ahold of it (remember when they used to be trusted sources of news?), tweak a few words and “report” it as fact. Then it becomes accepted as legitimate and true, and part of the pop culture white noise, like all of those ridiculous rumors about who’s shacking up with who that refuse to die.

It’s a game of Telephone with better technology. One lone blogger calls someone ubiquitous and the next thing you know someone else is saying “everyone’s tired of him” and the next “he’s everywhere! I wish he’d just go away.”

Fer cryin’ out loud, he just got here!


ps: here are your promised pics…

“Gamer” UBIQUITOUSLY opens in theaters here in the US tomorrow, Sept. 4.


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