Run Jen! Run!

Jennifer Aniston is Adam Sandler’s ‘Pretend Wife’
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I just watched the last five minutes of “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”. I’m not proud of it. I was waiting for an episode of “L & O: SVU” to start on USA, I swear. In those five minutes, not only could I tell that this is an absolutely dreadful film (well to be honest I could tell that the first time I saw it advertised on television,) but I’m sitting here completely stupified over the vision of Rob Schneider’s horrific White Guy-as-an-Asian Stereoytype & Lance Bass singing a George Michael song as a duet with a Tony Orlando look-alike.

As stated in the article above, this dreck was directed by Dennis Dugan, who will be directing the next steaming Adam Sandler pile, this time allegedly dragging Jennifer Aniston along for the ride.

Normally, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass how Ms. Aniston chooses to handle her career. In fact, until she made next year’s release, “The Bounty” with Gerard Butler, she didn’t rate a blip on my radar. Because of that, however, I recently watched “Management” and “The Good Girl”, both of which indicate there is more to JA than an impeccably highlighted blonde rom-com staple on the hunt for the perfect man. (I’d seen a glimmer in “Friends With Money”)

So this brings me to my question: “WHY?”

The woman works constantly. She acts, she’s got a production company, she shills for charity… Does she have a gambling addiction? Internet porn to pay for? She’s a single woman with no kids who makes double digits of MILLIONS of dollars for each movie she attaches her mug to and sends through the cookie press…so I repeat “WHY?” This, in my humble opinion, can only be a step down. Hell, the aforementioned INPC&L was a step down for Jessica Biel! By that standard, it wouldn’t just be a STEP down, but a fall from a staircase akin to the one in Georgetown where Fr. Karras lost his life in “The Exorcist.”

JA is certainly more successful in her career than I am in mine, so maybe she knows what she’s doing. *sigh* After having spewed all of that forth into the ether, I still have no idea why I care. It is a fault that I sometimes insist on trying to find rational thought and behavior where there clearly is none to be had.

I need My Daily Moment of Zen:

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