The Bounty Hunter does not reinvent the wheel.

Nor does it cure global warming or explain cold fusion. I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that it will put a smile on your face, if you let it.

I think this looks funny. It also appears that the two leads have great chemistry. (Something the tabloids seem to agree with since they’re still trying turn them into an off-screen couple; something they’ve been attempting to do on and off since TIFF ’08.)Great chemistry between the two impossibly good-looking co-stars is what one typically looks for in a romance, be it a full on sap fest like The Notebook or Dear John or a romantic comedy like most of the films made by Jennifer Aniston in the last twelve years or any of the films made by Katherine Heigl, such as The Ugly Truth. (Here’s a question: If audiences and critics recognized Clueless as an updated version of Emma and 10 Things I Hate About You as The Taming of the Shrew, why didn’t they recognize The Ugly Truth as an updated version of Cyrano de Bergerac? But I digress…) My point is, you know going in what you’re going to get. You buy your ticket for the RIDE. And the ride goes nowhere without chemistry between the pretty leads, which brings me back to my original assertion that Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston appear to have great chemistry.

The Bounty Hunter is hedging its bets by calling itself an “Action-Comedy”, leaving out the word romantic altogether. While it is true that the lead characters are a divorced couple, I think we all expect some sparks to fly. (There better be at least one good, genuine “snog” or there may be rioting in the streets, right Hol?) I can only assume this move is to pull in the all-important 18-25 yr old male demographic, although it’s been proven that romcoms can do that if they put the emphasis on “comedy” rather than romance, as in the wildly successful Knocked Up (starring the aforementioned Ms. Heigl.)

Before the first trailer had been released, comparisons were being made to films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Midnight Run, both of which are well written and hugely entertaining (helped not a little by the chemistry of the leads I might add.) The comparisons are meant to be derogatory, as if The Bounty Hunter not only has no business emulating these films but could not possibly be as good as either of them. Now, I can definitely see the comparison to Midnight Run; as far as the other, it’s only being bandied about because of the inclusion of the ex-Mrs. Pitt. (In my humble opinion, The Bounty Hunter does not aspire to be another take on Mr. & Mrs. Smith-a film that is already on its way to being remade, by the way. The cynic in me thinks these things are linked…to get people talking about it again.) I have no idea whether any of this is justified because I haven’t seen the movie yet. My point is that neither has anyone else who has already dismissed it as a “been there, done that” yawn fest.

I’ll admit there is probably nothing new here, but that’s okay. If I buy a ticket to a movie like this, all I’m asking of it is that I be entertained for 90 to 120 minutes. Again, it all comes down to the leads. I happen to like Jennifer Aniston (although if you believe the blogosphere, it is more hip to hate her.) She’s spent the last twelve years or so making little gems like Picture Perfect that still merit repeat viewings, even if those viewings are on a rainy Saturday curled up on the couch with the sniffles. I’ve also liked her in light drama like The Good Girl and “dramadies” like Friends with Money, Management and Marley & Me. Would I go see her in Medea or as Lady MacBeth? Probably not. (Me thinks she’s smart enough to know better anyway.)

My affinity (love, lust, obsession, whatever) for Gerard Butler is well documented and if I’m being honest, and I hadn’t already planned to see this, they’d have had me with this trailer; the deep-throated growl/laugh as he says “Buh bye!”, the leaping tackle, the handcuffs… and last but certainly not least…the appearance, after an eight year drought, of Gerard Butler wrapped in a towel. Sigh….

One response to “The Bounty Hunter does not reinvent the wheel.

  1. I agree. Even as a Gerry fan I think I’d see this movie anyways. The trailer really is hilarious. The leaping tackle is my favorite along with his laugh. That deep in the belly laugh.

    I think it’s going to be great if people give it a chance. Even my dad is excited to see it, lol.

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