Dueling Centurions pt 1- redux

Just in time for its release to VOD, and prior to its limited August 27th US release, Centurion has unleashed a new trailer. (courtesy of Apple Trailers by way of AceShowbiz) I recommend watching it with ear-buds or head-phones to get the full impact of Michael Fassbender’s voice over.

As for Dueling Centurions part 2, given that Eagle of the Ninth (with the incredible, edible Mark Strong) has been pushed back to February 2011, I suppose the whole concept is moot. The two films will no longer be “dueling”. (There is also the rumor that EOTN’s title has been shortened to the more idiot-friendly “The Eagle”. Rosemary Sutcliff is probably rolling in her grave.) Having said that, I’m still looking forward to the film and will post the trailer when it finally arrives.

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