My Daily Moment of Zen

May I just say how disappointed I am in the lack of initiative on the part of the world’s paps? Apparently, they draw the line at the stalking of the "wild Butler" when it comes to venturing out into the actual wild. P*ssies.

Okay, having said all that, I’m actually glad that for once in a long while, G was able to concentrate on the business at hand: filming a movie, honing his craft, participating as a producer, etc., without the distractions that come with dodging the press and/or ogling fans. For the South African leg of the Machine Gun Preacher shoot, while we have all suffered the dearth of news and pics of his pretty mug, G has been able to stay under the radar (with the exception of his down-time in area hot spots, which has been well documented via cellphone cameras and social media networks. Poor G, he ought to get a twitter account then hire someone to man it, just to dispel rumors. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.*)

Now that filming has apparently been completed, I’m hoping we’ll get some "official" stills and set shots. Of the following 3 pics, I think the 3rd (the one featuring director Marc Forster, an extra, and a gun) may be the first of those. Not that I’m complaining by any stretch…

And now for my Daily Moment of Zen…


*I’m aware sarcasm doesn’t work well in print.

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