My Daily Moment of Zen

I am completely, totally, head-over-heels in love with G’s hair right now. I know a lot of people don’t share my sentiments, that there are people who prefer the buzz or brush cut, (which let’s face it has a definite “tactile” appeal–boch boch boch BOOOOCH!)

but this…

I could get lost in this. I want to stick my hands in those waves, I want to wind those curls in the back around my fingers…I want…I want…

Holy crap! When is he gonna stop DOING this to me?!?


3 responses to “My Daily Moment of Zen

  1. I’m With YOU Kid!

    Do you think he’d get nervous if we both were playing with his hair? The Hair! The Hair! The Hair! *thud*

  2. Agree to disagree??

    I “get it” I really do. And there is MUCH to be said for the soft scurls and NATURAL color w/ hints of salt in the pepper….. excuse me I need a moment….. But I’m sticking with the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cut and pinstripes, maybe a white shirt, not tie, open at the collar w/ a sprinkling of man-fur showing as my drug of choice. *smooch*

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