Dog with a Bone

…that would be me.

Here’s an excerpt from a New York Magazine interview with Dreamworks exec. Jeffrey Katzenberg that was posted online. He was in NYC celebrating the dvd release (“But really it’s the beginning of Oscars glad-handing season,”) of How to Train Your Dragon…you remember, that little movie I’ve been touting as a Best Animated Feature Oscar nominee since oh…APRIL…

“Dragon is his company’s internal pick for the animated-feature nomination for an Oscar, and so the party is crawling with invitees from the Academy, the New York Film Critics Circle, and the National Board of Review.”

The entire article’s a pretty good read, if you’re into this sort of thing.

Not to mention, when was the last time anyone referred to Alan Siegel as “hardass-looking”?

And now for my Daily Moment of Zen:

*click me I’m HUGE!*

I swear if I came within 50 feet of this man, my hands would pull a Dr. Strangelove, trying to fight the urge to stick them into that HAIR!
*shudder* I need a moment…