I’m Looking More Prescient Every Day

…slap me if I get obnoxious…

Same Dog with the same Bone here, but this is getting good.

Deadline Hollywood posted an article, ostensibly about the Best Animated Feature category and the likelihood of only three nominations versus five, in which it seems to be  the general consensus among Hollywood-types and Oscar pundits that How to Train Your Dragon will be among the three nominations (or five) for Best Animated feature.

What’s interesting is that the article also revealed that Dreamworks is indeed hoping for a Best Picture nomination as well. (Hmm…pretty sure I called that too**) Producer Bonnie Arnold is quoted as saying "it is nice to be recognized by the animation community itself,  but it’s also nice to be recognized as a film. It’s just a good movie that’s in competition with other good movies no matter what the medium, whether it is live action, animation or whatever. There are 10 nominations now. I genuinely feel it is one of the best pictures of the year.”

Anyway, before I get too smug (since it is still only November and we won’t know anything for sure until January when nominations are announced,) I just have to say that I agree. But you knew that.

Here’s a link to the full article:  www.deadline.com/2010/10/oscar-animation-entries-down-to-wire-but-will-there-be-enough-for-5-nominees/

** weetiger3.livejournal.com/14194.html

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