Calm down!

It’s time for the loonies and the "mommies" to calm the f*ck down.

WTF is all of this non-sense about eating disorders simply because G chose not to eat the offerings at an after party the other night. Is it possible he just, oh I don’t know, wasn’t hungry??

FFS, one reporter from one news source makes an unfounded comment about how he only drank water and "refused" the hors d’oeuvres and it boomerangs all over the net (which of course means, around the world. Because G’s popular in India, I get Google alerts from the Hindu Times among others) as if it’s fact and now people (read loonies and mommies) are ringing their hands over it and “worrying” about him. "He’s too thin! He’ll make himself sick" "Oh woe is me!

They’re all remembering when G talked about the 500 calorie diet (that he apparently embarked on to combat, what I can only assume were devastating, pics from Barbados) several times during the LAC press tour. One I remember was the Bonnie Hunt Show, a few minutes before he ate a fried Mars bar. He’s a man of extremes. IMHO that’s part of his appeal. I do know this much, he doesn’t know nor care that a bunch of women he’ll never meet are worried about what he puts in his mouth…

And that’s another thing…
In one breath a vocal and acid tongued bunch are upset about his appearance at a well known fashion show the other night. A show he’s been going to for years, by the way.  They are up in arms about how ‘skeebie’ it is that  G and all of those other known ‘hound dogs’ were in the front row. I’ve got news for you-those seats are invite only and the people in them are hand picked. It’s called publicity! The show and the pics from it were everywhere yesterday. The PR gurus in charge of the show knew exactly what they were doing.

A lot has also been made about how those "poor models" must have felt like lambs to the slaughter–PAHLEEASE!

I’m pretty sure that 1. they aren’t paying much attention to who was in the 1st row, but rather how not to fall on their faces in their 5″ Giuseppe Zanotti’s.
and 2. They are undoubtedly used to men staring at them. Are we to believe that Mss Ambrosio, Lima, Ebanks et al are only interested in strutting their stuff with the altruistic hope that it will inspire more women to do those crunches and take that Zumba class and above all, buy more underwear, to raise their self-esteem, but with no thought at all to pleasing a man? Uh huh.
Psssst…The VS Fashion Show is MARKETED to men! As many men “read” the catalog as women, perhaps more. They don’t broadcast it in primetime because a handful of women are going to watch it!

Bottom line, G does appear to be a hound dog. Newsflash, he likes models. Lots and lots of models. (And from the photographic evidence I’ve seen, they like him too.) Case closed?

Not so fast…

The flip side is that the old rumors about what he’s actually "doing" with those models and whether they are FWBs or just "galpals" has reared its ugly head again. Why? On the basis of his HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!  No, seriously. I’m not kidding.

At first no one could figure out what it was supposed to be, but all anyone could focus on was the fluffy fuschia boa.  (Can you hear my eyes rolling?) Personally, I’m going with some sort of punk/glam rocker hybrid (Adam Ant inspired maybe? I’ve said this before. As usual, I digress.) Call me crazy, but I thought it was hot. Anyway, this might have died a quiet death if not for the fact that some personal photos appeared yesterday and were posted on a website that does not discriminate whatsoever.  They apparently have no boundaries in terms of what they will openly (and by openly I mean what non-members can view) discuss or what pics they will post.
These "private" photos were then snagged by visitors to this site and posted elsewhere. (Was it smart for whoever they belonged to to put them in a public photobucket account? Probably not. That mistake appears to have been rectified.)

So, not only has his orientation been called into question because he chose to have makeup applied and he adorned himself with feathers (again ON HALLOWEEN!! The bizarre and the freakish are practically mandatory and on that scale, this was pretty tame) but because of his choice of companions on that night. He and a friend (supposedly a known "member of the church") dressed in similar costumes (mind you, this same companion also attended the VS show…hmmm) and so the analysing begins anew.

Ridiculous. He’s a womanizing playa-He’s gay. He’s found the right woman at last-He’ll never settle down. He spends all of his time chasing women-He spends too much time with his guy friends.  Who cares!  Personally I don’t give a rat’s posterior where he’s dipping any part of his anatomy because all I know for sure is that it ain’t with me. Anything else is his business and none of mine.

Either way (or both ways, I’m not judging)  WILL NOT DIMINISH HIS SEX-APPEAL NOR THE UNDENIABLE YET UNEXPLAINABLE  "IT" FACTOR WITH WHICH HE WAS BORN, ONE LITTLE BIT. He’s still the hottest thing I’ve ever clapped eyes on (and has been for going on four and a half years now.)

IMHO he looks fantastic. He got the hair trimmed, okay as long as he doesn’t lop it all off any time soon. Trimmed the beard too (although not the neck. I’m thinking he’s going for full on TIFF ‘05/Leonidas beard. Must be for a role-I can hope right?) Personally, I loved the velvet blazer, but I’m a notorious fool for velvet. (me and George Costanza)

Tomorrow is the man’s 41st birthday, and while there’s not much doubt that the numbers are starting to freak him out a bit, it is just a number and especially for someone’s whose future is so bright he does need those shades!

I’d love to be there (wherever "there" turns out to be) to help him blow out his the candles, my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. So I’ll just say this:

"Happy Birthday G. You’re not getting older, you’re getting better. And I wish you many happy returns of the day."

A brief retrospective with visuals…

I really could keep going. "My {bucket} is deep and full of magic. I got rabbits, handkerchiefs, and ladies of the pole drinking Black Label. I got smoke machines, bubble machines, I even got love marines, and still the {bucket} goes deeper…but there AIN’T no motherf*ckin’ dry ice!"

2 responses to “Calm down!


    “I do know this much, he doesn’t know nor care that a bunch of women he’ll never meet are worried about what he puts in his mouth…” Nor should he be concerned with such a thing! His only concern should be what he puts in your mouth! LOL

    “Either way (or both ways, I’m not judging) WILL NOT DIMINISH HIS SEX-APPEAL NOR THE UNDENIABLE YET UNEXPLAINABLE “IT” FACTOR WITH WHICH HE WAS BORN, ONE LITTLE BIT. He’s still the hottest thing I’ve ever clapped eyes on (and has been for going on four and a half years now.)” TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN POSTED!!

    (And may I just compliment you on your SUPERIOR use of a Rocknrolla quote?! Simply OUTSTANDING!)

    Here’s to CLAPPY EYES!! wOOt!

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