A Day in the Life…

Isn’t this the way we picture a typical day in the life of movie star and hottest-man-on-the-planet, Gerard Butler?

After a breakfast consisting of 12 raw eggs knocked back "Rocky" style (okay I added that part), there’s a quick workout shadow boxing on a NYC rooftop, followed by suiting up (probably D & G, maybe Tom Ford) to jump a motorcycle over a car and a quick rugby scrim (just to let off a little pent-up testosterone.)  After that, back in the suit, he jumps off a building (it’s not in the shot but I’m pretty sure he saved a damsel in distress first-or maybe her cat. Or both.)  Then he takes his buds to the cleaners at the poker table (Of course they don’t mind because he’s so damned charming,) before meeting a hottie on a helicopter pad. (Love the look he throws over his shoulder: "Ohhhh yeahhhh…") Of course the capper on his day,  it’s now time to grab said hottie and move in for a snog as if it’s his god given right to do so.

Isn’t it though? Isn’t it?

(And it’s a good thing that the product lasts 24 hours because you know the day doesn’t end there…) Nuff said.

So anyway…there was much kvetching and keening when it was announced that this L’Oreal campaign was for European consumption only. After having seen the ad, I have to say "thank you L’Oreal." If this commercial were for an American audience, they would have insisted on toning down the brogue, something which I am growing increasingly annoyed with. (Note to Hollywood-you want an American, hire an American. Stop trying to make Gerard Butler sound like he’s from Chicago by way of Yonkers.)  So, "Yay Europeans!" who don’t get bent out of shape when they hear an accent that’s different from their own and are quite capable of understanding it.

This ad still cracks me up. C’mon…take one hi-res look at Gerard Butler’s skin and you know he ain’t usin’ this stuff.  Oh well, who cares?  I find it irresistibly sexy, and as many times as I’ve watched the thing, they’ve almost got ME convinced to start using it. (hmmm…wonder if it does everything they say it does….)


One response to “A Day in the Life…

  1. That shallow woman in me was all lit up over this 30 seconds and then I watched it again and had the same feeling as you did. The thing that made me laugh was the last thing you mentioned because he surely doesnt believe in moisturizer.

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