I’m only Satan’s Handmaiden…

…and Satan’s name is of course, Gerard Butler.

Found a new version of the L’Oreal ad today and you know I had to post it (if only so I’d know where it was when I wanted to ogle &/or drool over it.)

http://www.horizont.net/kreation/fullscreenpopup.php?spot=http://media.myspots.de/SpotsFLV/112200.mpg.flv&id=369930 *link to FULL SCREEN VERSION*

It’s in German, but seriously, does it matter? Are you listening to the ad copy??

Speaking of ad copy, the words that they make my future ex-husband speak in the following vid are laughable to anyone who knows a thing about him…

Talking about redness and irritation he says, "…for me? No way." Yeah that’s because he doesn’t shave at all unless forced!  Ha! Don’t get me wrong, I love him for it. I’m a definite lover of the scruff, although I do have to say the naked face looks verra fine in this clip…and they made his eyes look so BLUE!  *thud*

After all of this male pulchritude how can I reward you today? Hmmm…

This one’s got it all: Hair, beard, legs, mitts, Pinky… Help! Where’s my donut shape! I’m drowning in the muck!

9 responses to “I’m only Satan’s Handmaiden…

  1. This man is too sexy for words. I cant even deal with the pics that have come out lately. *sigh* My day got brighter even though its almost over. LOL

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