My Daily Moment of Zen + A Rant

Okay so the How To Train Your Dragon awards parade rolls on with a nomination for a Critics Choice Award in the Best-Animated Feature category.

I don’t mean to sound blase, especially since I’ve been pushing for this since April, but at this point it is hardly surprising.  What is surprising is that other than the "Annies," I’ve not seen any mention of John Powell’s beautiful, uplifting and majestic score.  What’s up with that? As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, he’s got the respect of his peers in the industry, with the awards to back it up. He’s won Annies and Baftas and ASCAPs, oh my! So where’s the love?

Certainly there are films that I have yet to see that are bigger blips on the Oscar radar and some probably have beautiful scores, but I personlly haven’t seen another movie yet this year (and I have seen 6 of the 2010 AFI top ten as of this writing,) that can top the score for How to Train Your Dragon.

Also, notably absent from the list was a nomination for original song for "Sticks and Bones."  I guess Jonsi’s promo appearances were for naught and he’s still not as well known as Mandy Moore. Well, the Critics Choice Awards do tend to play it safe. Consequently no nomination.

Okay, rant over for the day. It’s STILL only December!

Here ya go my beauties… My Daily Moment of Zen…


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