Dueling Centurions- pt 2

With the US release still scheduled for February 11, we are finally starting to get clips and pics from The Eagle (of the Ninth*)

Courtesy of Yahoo Movies comes a pretty good "Behind-the-Scenes" clip.

Despite the fact that I am ambivalent at best about the lead, I’d probably see this even without the prospect of watching Mark Strong play a "good guy." (And at least it sounds like Mark Strong in the above clip. For some reason (which I cannot figure out and have been able to find no reference to) he sounds like he’s been dubbed in the trailer.

Listen for yourself (trailer from Focus Features):

As I posted when discussing Centurion, it remains to be seen which of the two is a better take on the story of the lost 9th Legion of Rome. Centurion was not well received by critics, although I enjoyed it for what it was…plus you know, Fassbender. Hopefully, with the release of The Eagle, those who still haven’t seen it will be tempted to pick up Centurion on dvd.

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