My Daily Moment of Zen

*these get bigger with a flick of the finger*

November. Nine months. Long enough to gestate a human. That’s how long we have to wait for the US release of Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus.

On the one hand, I believe that the wait indicates a desire to position the film for awards contention. On the other, I would hate to see it lose the positive buzz from its premiere at the Berlinale that surrounds it right now. (I’m on tenterhooks awaiting Saturday’s results of the competition for the Golden Bear.) I hope the rumor that Fiennes is taking it to Cannes is true. (Somehow, I think the involvement of The Weinstein Company improves the odds. Harvey likes a good party.) I think this would be a good fit for the Venice Film Festival (31 Aug – 10 Sep) as well but, Cannes is the biggest and most prestigious film festival in the world (11-22 May), so keep your digits crossed.

I pledge to do my part by talking this up at every opportunity. Never fear, gentle reader, I won’t let you forget.