My Daily Moment of Zen

It’s Friday and I’m as busy as a one-armed paper hanger, but I’m on strike. Sort of.
And I’m still seriously pissed off that Focus Features neglected to stipulate that the March 11 release date for Jane Eyre only applied to the swells in NY and LA. The rest of us plebs have to wait until the 18th or the 25th or if we live in the usually uber-cool UK, until September! (What is wrong with that picture? Wasn’t Charlotte Bronte British? Doesn’t it take place on fog shrouded moors and in dark and scary Gothic castles that only the British would refer to as a country house? But I digress…) By the way, Fandango still lists the release date as March 11, for MY ZIPCODE!   GRRRRRR….

In any case, I’m in serious need of a Zen moment…

Annoyed Gerry is hot Gerry…

even with watermarks…

Seriously, the more his forehead crinkles and he gets those two little lines between those eyes that look like storm clouds over a rough sea…

Okay…I’m still not feeling very Zen-like…but I’m happier…

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