Trailer Trash

Just a few words about the trailers that I saw (or was subjected to) this past weekend.

The trailer for Hanna,

which I’ve seen countless times now, has me excited for the movie and for The Chemical Brothers soundtrack or maybe I’m excited for the movie BECAUSE of the soundtrack. That thrumming techno beat gets under your skin.

Remember when I said that the trailer for Arthur would have to knock my socks off in order for me to go see it? Well, I’ve seen a couple of them now and I have to say it does look entertaining and Helen Mirren is, of course, always worth a look. Perhaps if this weren’t a remake of one of my favorite films…

Arthur opens against Hanna on April 8. It should be interesting to see which one comes out on top. Right now, I’m going with Arthur. I think it will appeal to a wider demographic. I could be wrong. It happens.

Okay, I’ve seen the trailer for Thor on the big screen, three times now, as a matter of fact.

I’m sorry to say, I’m sad to report, that it looks loud and dumb or sounds loud and looks dumb. I can’t even figure out what accent Australian Chris Hemsworth was going for. The thing probably cost more than the GNP of a small country. I can’t imagine what drew Natalie Portman to it (or even dir. Kenneth Branagh for that matter. Because of him alone I was willing to give this one a shot,) not to mention the rest of the wonderful cast. Perhaps there’s more here than meets the eye, but considering it’s in 3D, I think what meets the eye is exactly the point.

While we’re on the subject, I watched How to Train Your Dragon the 1st time in 3D (but w/out the glasses because they didn’t give them to me,) but I haven’t seen anything in 3D since probably Jaws 3D. It really doesn’t interest me. If the story and character development aren’t there, having shit appear to fly at my face will not improve my movie going experience. A movie is a movie. It is inherently 2D. And I refuse to pay inflated prices (when a reg. ticket averages $11.50 in Boston) for the privilege. Rant over.

I have to confess that I laughed more at the trailer for Bad Teacher

than I did at those for Bridesmaids

and Your Highness


This is a complete aberration. I ordinarily do not like Cameron Diaz. At all. I ordinarily wouldn’t watch a film featuring Cameron Diaz on purpose unless there was compensation of some kind at the end of it. (Speaking of Your Highness, it is a real shame that newly minted Academy Award winner Natalie Portman is going to have such a string of clunkers as some of the first films to be released following Black Swan. I’m counting No Strings Attached, despite how much money it made.)

I’m very curious about The Conspirator.

It’s directed by Robert Redford which gives it instant cachet (just as Eastwood gives to his films, warranted or not.) It’s had trouble getting distribution, which I suppose is to be expected of a film that is essentially a courtroom drama featuring the lesser known supporting cast of one of the more well known incidents in American history. In this economic climate, getting people to spring for a ticket to something like that will be no mean feat.

It’s got a great cast, although Evan Rachel Wood sounds like she’s in a high school play in the brief glimpse we get there. Oh well. (I know I’ll see it. I’m an avowed American History buff with a weakness for conspiracy theories. It’s practically mandatory.)

The one trailer I saw for a film that I really truly cannot wait for is Cowboys and Aliens:

That just has F U N written all over it! I expect great things from this one, especially since it’s produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Jon Favreau. I’ve been a fan of Favreau the actor since Swingers (even if he essentially always plays the same character – himself), but as a director he just gets stronger with each film. (C’mon, who doesn’t like Elf? What are you a Communist?) The writers are kind of hit or miss. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman co-wrote JJ Abrams’ Star Trek, but they also wrote Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Ick.

None of this matters of course since Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford are playing the cowboys.

I’m sure I saw more than these, but I can’t remember any of them. That bodes well, doesn’t it? The total effect of all of this makes me think I need to spend more time watching TCM and less time at the megaplex.