“You WON’T be baaahk”

Over the weekend, an actor looking for a jumpstart to his stalled movie career made a ridiculous remark to the press; a remark meant to appear casual but was, of course, anything but. While it’s not news for an actor to utter something facile for no other reason than to garner the attention it will generate, one would think that an actor who prides himself on his intelligence, would in this instance, know better.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, was quoted by Entertainment Weekly as having asked his friend, 300 producer Mark Canton, how he could go about duplicating Gerard Butler’s famous physique from that film. Canton probably thought he was being funny when he supposedly quipped that those muscles cost him "a lot of money." Yes they probably did. I’m sure that the services of fitness Nazi Mark Twight or Venezuelan bodybuilder Franco LiCastro, do not come cheap. But that glib remark negates the blood, sweat, puke and God knows what else, that went into the forming of Butler’s muscles, as well as those of the rest of Zack Snyder’s Spartan army. (Snyder subjected himself to the same rigorous training.)

Both Schwarzenegger and Canton have certainly been around long enough to know not only how the system works, but how to manipulate it to their own ends. Regardless of how it was intended, if indeed Canton intended it as a joke that Ahnold ran with, The Guvernator had to know how it would sound to a scandal hungry press. (The Black Swan thing turned out to be a bust…NEXT!)A so-called legitimate source like Entertainment Weekly ran to press, probably foaming at the mouth, with this prize tid-bit without checking its legitimacy and of course it immediately bounced all over the web where news outlets and blogs, with even lower standards and more lax policies with reference to fact checking, reprinted or reposted it verbatim. (Some even listed the source.)

I’m not the first person, or even the first person with a blog, to be up in arms about this. I think that’s a good thing. Voices other than my own have expressed their outrage better, some even going so far as to intelligently point out the disloyalty that actors who may work for Mark Canton in the future can expect from him, but I think anyone who watched an interview or read an article about the ‘300 Workout’, certainly anyone who bought a ticket to the movie itself, should be incensed. We all need to get on our soapboxes and bang on our drums. Let Schwarzenegger and Canton know how we feel and especially whose side we’re on. (Admittedly, I have a certain bias toward Butler. That, however, has nothing to do with calling foul on stupidity wherever I find it.) Frankly, they both owe Gerard Butler (as well as Zack Snyder, Mark Twight and Franco LiCastro, to name a few) an apology.




"I got yer f*ckin’ CGI…"

"Could the Terminator crack walnuts with his ass?? I don’t think so…"

“Go away and stop pissin’ me off…”

Word of the Day for Tuesday, April 5, 2011

irascible \ih-RASS-uh-buhl\, adjective:

Prone to anger; easily provoked to anger; hot-tempered.



13 responses to ““You WON’T be baaahk”

  1. I’m Annoyed Too .. or Irascible, probably

    This comment won’t be as elegant as the first one I tried to post because I’m just feeling cranky. Schwarzenegger and Canton are “a few onions short of a tuna salad” IMO, and will be feeling the backlash of this idiocy .. including your typically “perspicacious” analysis in this post. (“Perspicacious” is my Word of the Day .. one that I hope to see used more often in Tweets — it’s 13 characters!!)

  2. that is just sad

    Thanks for the summary of the incident. I’d heard of the comment but knew none of the details. I guessed Ahnuld had said it because HE needed to be CGI enhanced. Looks like I was correct.

    Seriously, we do people have to knock others down to make themselves feel better. Gerry and all those other washboard ab hotties in 300 worked hard for those 6/8/10 packs. It is so sad that to make themselves feel better so many have to believe they weren’t real. Get over it. As shown in the above set/behind the scene pics the abs were real (and btw I love your choices and tags for the pics 😀 )

  3. I have to say I luv you too, Woman….That was great…You took the words right out of my mouth. I love the Butler and it hurts my heart when he is slammed and you took care of the Governator… Thanks for your blog and the great pics….

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