Oh HELL Yes!

As I’ve mentioned before, I am really looking forward to Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens.  It’s based on yet another comic book (at least this one calls itself a comic book and not a "graphic novel") that I have never heard of. That’s okay, I’m relatively certain that I am not part of its target audience. This movie, however, looks like just what the doctor ordered: the kind of summer blockbuster that we haven’t seen since Raiders of the Lost Ark back in 1981. It’s got Cowboys! And Aliens! Together again for the very first time!

It’s also got a screenplay by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (with a little help from Damon Lindelof and others), arguably two of the hottest scribes working for the movies right now. Directed by Jon Favreau, whose talents behind the camera are definitely more hit than miss, produced by Steven Spielberg, Brian Grazer, and Ron Howard,impressarios definitely not known for picking duds, not to mention the King of Hollywood, Ryan Kavanaugh, cinematography by frequent Favreau collaborator Matthew Libatique (who was just nominated for an Oscar for Black Swan), we already have all of the ingredients for one incredible thrill-ride.

Then there’s the cast…

This cast almost makes me want to weep. It’s so stuffed with talent it’s practically absurd: Daniel Craig looking buff and gritty and shirtless, Harrison Ford looking all Harrison Ford-like, Clancy Brown, Sam Rockwell, Paul Dano, Keith Carradine… David freakin’ O’Hara…and thank you sweet baby jeebus, someone gave Walton Goggins* a job!

*deep breath*

The new theatrical trailer appeared online last night and the interwebs are all abuzz:

Help me Rhonda, there’s still 3 1/2 more months before it’s released on July 29!

*Boyd Crowder in "Justified"-a modern day western & one of tv’s best shows that you are probably not watching, but should be


2 responses to “Oh HELL Yes!

  1. Woman! You hurt my nerd feelings. A graphic novel has a beginning, middle and an end. Comic books make you buy one right after the other because it NEVER ends LMAO.

    This is my birthday movie and you can be darned sure that I will be sitting right there watching and by myself if I have to.

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