My Daily Moment of Zen–with Muscles

Guess what I saw this weekend…

I admit, I’m late to the party on this Chris Hemsworth guy…
One of my besties has been on the 6’3"* Nordic blonde, Icelandic blue-eyed bandwagon for awhile now. This is for her:

…and this one is for me, it looks kinda badass:

As for the movie itself, Thor really was pretty much as I expected it to be. Perhaps, a little less "dumb". I had previously questioned what would draw Natalie Portman to a project like this and apparently the answer is that she had a thought similar to mine: the idea of Kenneth Branagh doing a comic book movie was "too weird", so she had to say yes. I do have to give director Branagh credit; everyone involved seemed to be having a great time, including Anthony Hopkins and Stellan Skarsgaard and especially Thor himself.

I loved hearing Idris Elba’s voice coming from Heimdall, although I would have liked it more if he’d looked a little more like Idris.

Ray Stevenson, you need a separate post. (Was "Rome" a fluke?) I get the Falstaff-ian overtones but, a fat suit? Hair that looked like he’d just come out of the beauty parlor in The Emerald City? Who do I blame for this? Branagh? Costume designer Alexandra Byrne? Stan Lee? Larry Lieber? I’m shaking my head at all of you.

In any case, for all of my post-trailer, pre-viewing misgivings, Thor is fun; a really good Saturday matinee, in the spirit of matinees of yore, like Flash Gordon etc and a perfectly legitimate excuse to sit in the dark, eat popcorn and stare at Chris Hemsworth’s pecs. JMHO

*or 6’5" depending on your source hee hee

3 responses to “My Daily Moment of Zen–with Muscles

  1. Ah yes! Love the Norse hence the man Im married to. His family is rich in this culture and the Scottish. *LOVE* Ive thought Chris was a cutie since Star Trek and this movie was porn to me. Fun movie!

  2. And yes there was not enough of Idris and I actually laughed outloud when I saw Ray. It’s so very Cowardly Lion, lol.

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