Do It To Me One More Time…

C’mon…you didn’t seriously think I was done with that fantastic John Varvatos suit did you?

Okay, what do you think G is talking about with Mrs. Orlando Bloom, mother of five month old Flynn?  Judging from the second pic, where impossibly fit Miranda appears to be pointing at her own boob, it must be boob related.

My guesses?

"Ummm…okay without looking, I’m gonna say the right one’s bigger. That Flynn sure is a lucky boy!"

"No! Silly Gerry! The left one’s bigger!"

"Really? Are you sure?"

Frankly, in that first one, I have a hard time getting beyond the size of that MAN MITT! Holy Schnikey! That thing could palm a Buick!

 So anyway, I’ve been hearing whisperings around the interwebz that starlet Ashley Greene caught G’s eye on the purple carpet and managed to hold it all night… (His eye people!)

I’m thinking… no. It’s just wrong on so many levels, not the least of which are those emo vampire movies that shall remain nameless.

This is Chanel Iman…

I’m calling this one right now. If they haven’t….they will…you heard it here first.

Call me crazy, but THESE are the pics which warm the cockles of my cold cold heart…

I hope they’re discussing the impending announcement of the release date for Coriolanus. Hey, you have your fantasies, I have mine.


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