Coriolanus is going to TIFF!!!

 *doing the demented poodle dance*

Sometimes, if you’re really, really good and you want something badly enough…

I’m not talking about me! I’m talking about the film-makers behind Coriolanus! Certainly I’ve been talking up this film and the possibilities of it traveling to the more prestigious film festivals, but I could wish and hope all I wanted, we all know it would have meant squat in the grand scheme of things.

Well, today one of the film’s producers, Kevan Van Thompson, revealed via twitter that Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus has indeed been accepted to the Toronto International Film Festival!!

TIFF is one of the leading film festivals in the world and screens more than 300 films from 60+ countries every year. You know all this. I’ve been saying it over and over for months as a sort of mantra.

This will be a HUGE boost for this film. Inclusion as an official TIFF selection will be touted on every poster and press release from now on and basically doubles the strength of their PR budget. For an independent film adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays, again…HUGE!

I’m sure Harvey and The Weinstein Company are over the moon. I humbly offer my congratulations.

Note to Mr. Kavanaugh: I know you’re probably hip deep in wedding prep, but ya think maybe Machine Gun Preacher deserves the same shot in the arm?? Just sayin’. You know I love you.

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