Tom Hardy is Giving Michael Fassbender a Run For His Money!‏

…as the hardest working man in showbiz.

Tom Hardy may not have been on anyone else’s, especially not Hollywood’s, radar before his scene-stealing turn as Eames in Inception, but he’s been on mine since 2008’s RocknRolla.  Now it appears he’s not only on the map, he’s about to become the dread word, ‘ubiquitous’.  Oh no! *slaps cheeks like Kevin McCallister* (I’ve already seen Michael Fassbender referred to that way, as well as Gerard Butler. Some people are never happy.)

"Vulture", the side arm of New York Magazine for all things entertainment and culture related, has reported a few casting tidbits from Warner Brothers. Included among them is the news that Tom Hardy is attached to a new Al Capone pic from director David Yates, titled Cicero (after the Chicago suburb where Capone based his criminal empire, not the Roman philosopher.)

Cicero was originally written as a TV pilot by Walon Green, the writer of Sam Peckinpah’s, The Wild Bunch, back in the 70’s, but has been adapted for at least one film, possibly more. There are rumors that the script will be augmented and that the first film will be an origins story and only concern Capone until he reaches the top of Chicago’s infamous underworld; once he gets there and his subsequent downfall would be chronicled in later films.

It’s unclear when filming would take place. Both Hardy and Yates are extremely in demand these days. Yates, director of the last four Harry Potter movies also has another possible multi-film franchise going with a big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s "The Stand" (which has already been filmed for television, twice.) Apparently it’s Warner Brothers that is pushing for it to be made into more than one film as they’re looking for a franchise to fill Harry Potter’s shoes. (Although they do have the next Batman – The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and the Superman reboot, which will all stretch well into the middle of the decade.) Yates isn’t fully committed yet, but needs to decide quickly.

As for Tom Hardy, he’s also got Warrior with Joel Edgerton coming out in September, one of the most hotly anticipated films of the year, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in November. He just wrapped The Wettest County in the World with the next featherweight champ of the world Shia LeBeuf, which will be released in December, a rom-com of all things, with Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine, This Means War, which will be out February 2012, and is currently filming The Dark Knight Rises for a July 2012 release. He’s scheduled to begin filming the long gestating Mad Max: Fury Road next spring. So considering all of the above films will need to be promoted, which takes a lot of schedule finagaling, if he’s going to be able to do Cicero  alot of maneuvering by Warner Bros. will have to take place behind the scenes. Yates, apparetnly is looking to film Cicero before Hardy leaves for Australia to film Fury Road. If that’s the case, it’ll be happening pretty damn quick so is probably already in pre-production, despite the fact that this is the first "we" have heard of it.

Encore Networks has just announced that they will be entering into the ‘series television’ business. One of their first efforts will be a four part mini from Britain’s Sky 1, called "The Take". It’s a ‘family drama’ set in the criminal underworld that spans 10 years: Beginning in 1984 at the height of Thatcherism to the birth of New Labour. Hardy played Freddie, a man who’s just been released from prison after four years for bank robbery. It aired in 2009 in the UK and will bow in the US in early 2012. (Bit of trivia, this is also where he met his fiance, Charlotte Riley, who played Maggie.) From the series’ official website: "{It’s} a powerful human drama about love, power, violence and betrayal" Ooo, those are some heavy trigger words! Can’t wait!

Frankly, the idea of Tom Hardy playing another gangster (I include university educated drug dealers, fledgling crooks, getaway drivers and bootleggers: Layer Cake, Thick as Thieves, RocknRolla, The Wettest County in the World) makes me want to roll around on the sidewalk and twitch.* I’m not sure I could handle him as one of the most famous of them all, Al Capone. I may need to be sedated.

This seems like a good excuse to post some pics:

As Freddie in "The Take"

*a wink to Holly

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