This look sick to you?!?!

It looks "sick" to me too, although I’m quite certain I don’t mean it the same way the "mommies" would mean it. As we can plainly see, rumors of Gerard Butler’s imminent demise were greatly exaggerated.

Holy crap! That’s not just ripped it’s completely shredded! 

And there’s fresh PINKY!!! Playful Pinky…Pinky on purpose…*demented poodle dance*

Grabbing another brass ring at the ongoing carnival that is his life, Gerard Butler got to fulfill a dream today by taking to the pitch at Parkhead with his beloved Hoops, Glasgow Celtic. G got to play with the big Bhoys in a charity match to benefit Oxfam and East African famine relief, Celtic Legends vs. Manchester United Legends. Despite the early pasting by the match’s commentators for a missed goal opportunity, G looked pretty good. Especially for a 41 year old smoker. Whatever he’s doing, whether it’s working out like a fiend or sticking pins in voodoo dolls it’s working.

The match was originally organized to benefit a Celtic player whose career was cut short by injury, John Kennedy, but Kennedy himself asked that the majority of the proceeds be given to help with the crisis in Africa.

As Celtic manager Neil Lennon told the Daily Mail, "The history of our club was that it was started as a charitable organisation for Irish immigrants in Glasgow and we have carried that through year after year on donating to charity ever since." I think that fits.

I’m pretty sure this is what "chuffed" looks like

6 responses to “This look sick to you?!?!

  1. I’d Like to Administer First Aid …

    … to that oh-so-obviously-ailing, yet somehow completely lickable “player”. Just sayin’.

  2. If that’s sick I don’t wanna be healthy!

    Oh I get so tired when ANY new pics come out of hearing.. he’s too thin, he looks tired, he’s put weight on, he’s injured, his eyes aren’t sparkling like they used to, he looks unhappy… UGH! Give it a rest people. He’s a grown man with his own family and friends to be concerned about him.

    Was a good game. A match like that is never going to be top class football. These are not teams who train and play together week in week out but for all that it wasn’t bad!

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