“Sweet Is My Revenge”

…picking up jaw from the floor…

It’s no secret how long and how impatiently I’ve been craving a trailer for Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus. This was worth the wait…

One of the things I noticed and liked very much about it is that it showcases most of the major players. We see Ralph as the title despot certainly, but we also get a glimpse of Gerard Butler’s fervor as Tullus Aufidius, Jessica Chastain’s sweet Virgilia, Brian Cox’s scheming politico Menenius, James Nesbitt’s hot-headed Sicinius and of course, Vanessa Redgrave’s powerful and power hungry Volumnia. I hope Ralph is as generous a director as whoever cut the trailer is an editor.

But mainly, I have to say I felt this. If the passion and the intensity evident in the trailer are maintained throughout, I’m not sure I’ll survive one viewing, let alone multiples…but I can’t wait to try. December 2nd!!

"Sweet Is My Revenge" indeed…


2 responses to ““Sweet Is My Revenge”

  1. A Couple of Things…

    I’m okay with this poster. And I agree that it’s HIGH TIME they started getting the publicity buzz humming for this film.

    The child peeking around “Sam” doesn’t look overly PhotoShopped, I don’t think; it appears that “Sam” is larger than life and protective at the same time he his hanging his ass out in a t-shirt and jeans. What a man. I’m fine with that, actually. I think the blood spatters throughout the movie title are definitely intended to attract the more testosterone inclined to this film, and I’m totally fine with that, too.

    But, I’m a Philistine and easily pleased.


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