Watch This and Prepare to Have Your Ass Kicked!!

"Blood, swords, monsters, "sexual content", what more could you possibly need from an August movie, or any movie?" – The Monocular Group

Okay, now I can well imagine that some of you might be as tired of the Conan slash Jason Momoa pimping as you were of the Daniel Craig/Cowboys & Aliens love-fest.If so, you might want to stop right here… (I can’t bring myself to mention the Gerard Butler pimping. If you’re tired of that, you’re in the wrong blog and I can’t heaaaaar youuuuuu…)

For those of you still with me, the wee gifty below is a fan made trailer for Conan the Barbarian, set to the soothing strains of Metalocalypse Dethklok’s "I Tamper with the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin".


This thing is so full of professional grade cinematic mayhem and barbaric goodness that Lionsgate actually tweeted it. Lionsgate…The distributor of Conan the Barbarian that has already spent big bucks commissioning their own trailers for this film. Lionsgate wants you to see this.

Hit play and hang on…

Well? What did I tell you? You just had your ass kicked, right? Now tell me you liked it.

Conan the Barbarian opens next Friday August 19th. "heads will roll" … "in your fuckin popcorn"

I am in no way done with the pimping. You have been warned.

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