If Gainsborough Were Painting Today…

…he might have a new muse.

Of course, the point of this post isn't solely to marvel over the cerulean-covered consummation of male perfection (not solely). Oh no, my friends, the point of this post is to continue, in my own small (and perhaps insignificant) way, to talk up Marc Forster's Machine Gun Preacher.

I find it difficult to believe that anyone reading this blog wouldn't know what the film was about, but on the off chance that someone stumbled in here from the Tardis or is just back from an extended vacation in outer Mongolia, I'll tell you. Machine Gun Preacher is based on the life of the Rev. Sam Childers (Butler), one bad-ass sonofabitch, who experiences a religious conversion, and feels called by God to go to Africa to help build houses and ends up building orphanages and rescuing children forced to become soldiers for the Sudanese rebels.

While G may have (probably does have, given all of the pre-release buzz) a role that will finally give him the recognition and respect he deserves as a dramatic actor, let's not forget he's also a producer. Without him, this story may not have been told. JMHO, but if the film does nothing else but shine a light on a struggling and war-ravaged part of the world that could really use some attention from the rest of it, then the whole thing will have been worth it.

The cast is in Toronto as we speak, gearing up for the gala screening on Sunday night, September 11 at Roy Thomson Hall as an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival. Today, fulfilling the first of many obligations I'm sure, they posed for some pictures. Present and accounted for were Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Michael Shannon, director Marc Forster and oddly, Chris Cornell. (I know he recorded the "official" song for the soundtrack. Don't get me started on THAT, but I'm surprised he's at the Festival in support of the film. Good for him.)

This clip is called “Build It Again”. Any thoughts I had that Michelle Monaghan wouldn’t be tough enough to play Lynne Childers (Vera Farmiga was originally cast, but her pregnancy would have prevented her from travelling to Africa) have fallen by the wayside with the stills and clips we’re getting.

Machine Gun Preacher opens in NY and LA on September 23 and will open wider on September 30. It's been well over a year and a half that I've been looking forward to this. I already have my (first) ticket!

Thanks for reading and your indulgence. Here's some pics of ‘our’ "blue boy". You know you want 'em.


4 responses to “If Gainsborough Were Painting Today…

  1. Curse you Getty images and your damned watermarks! I love those. May I snag the unmarked ones for the galleries? I’ll credit you of course. Shame we can’t use the marked ones! 😦 Hopefully they’ll turn up.

    • pics

      Sure you can! Take what you want! I am so annoyed with livejournal. This is the 2nd post that hasn’t posted correctly. HALF of it was missing. The ending didn’t even make sense w/out the clip and then the final paragraph and more pics just weren’t showing up. I’m seeing them now, but who knows. I don’t get it, and I’m moving to WordPress ASAP

      • Re: pics

        Thanks Sooo much! I wish I could use them all but getty wil sue my ass if I post the marked ones. There are some at wireimage too I can get those no problem. Haven’t seen all these anywhere else though.

        Oh tell me about it. Sick to death of not being able to edit an older post without it ruining the formatting. It’s driving me mad!

  2. Michelle Monaghan Kicks!

    Thanks for feeding my MGP addiction as we wait for the film to be widely released (one hopes it comes to the hinterlands)!

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