TGIF! Thank GRIMM It’s Friday!

Sasha Roiz, David Giuntoli in Grimm

As I’ve said before, I don’t write a lot about television. But sometimes I just have to! A show you should be watching, but probably aren’t is NBC’s ‘fairy tales for the new millennium,’ “Grimm” which returns with episode, 2×13,  ‘Face-Off,’ tonight, Friday, March 8 at 9pm. It’s an episode that’s been a season and a half in the making! (“I’m so excited…” Sorry, I have that song in my head for some reason.) Here’s a preview of the hoped for showdown between Nick (David Giuntoli) and  his boss, Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz). Who is some sort of Wesen royalty, it’s still not exactly clear. He’s also hitting on Nick’s girl because they’ve both been cursed.

Oh how I’ve missed this show! I need me some Monroemance (Monroe and Rosalee) and some Monroe-Bromance (Monroe and Nick). Silas Weir Mitchell rocks!

NBC’s “Grimm” revolves around Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt who, in the first episode got quite a surprise when his cancer stricken aunt Marie (Kate Burton) arrived at his home unexpectedly.  Though she only had weeks to live, she made the cross-country journey with her camper to tell Nick something important:  He’s a Grimm.  One of the few descendants of the Brothers Grimm, he has the ability (which only manifested itself once his aunt started to die) to see creatures and monsters that look human to everyone else.  It turns out that all the fairy tales that are told to children are true.  The original Grimms were just keeping a record of events that really happened.

As Aunt Marie informed Nick, it is now his inherited task to hunt down and kill these evil creatures.  The creatures are collectively known as Wesen. One thing the show’s writers do well and that’s make up fantastical names for the monsters and creatures Nick encounters as well as a backstory for each one.

Nick is lives with his veterinarian girlfriend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch – Lakeview Terrace, The Artist), but he confided neither in her nor his partner Hank (Russell Hornsby -“Lincoln Heights”, “In Treatment”) – at first.  The only one who really knew that he’s a Grimm was Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell – “Prison Break”, “My Name is Earl”), a reformed Wider Blutbad (roughly translated as ‘Big Bad Wolf’).

Monroe, thanks to his vast knowledge of the Wesen became Nick’s somewhat relunctant partner in crime. The only other help he gets is from the chronicles of previous Grimms down through the centuries that are stored in Marie’s fantastical magical mystery emporium of a trailer.  Each week Nick is presented with another crime/mystery that’s somehow related to a fairy tale. (It ends up being a Monster-of-the-week kind of thing.) It’s not the smartest thing on tv, but it is good escapist fun and the show does have good production values.

Personally, I watch it for Silas Weir Mitchell, who steals every scene he’s in and he rocks.

As always there is lots of other great content on their official site, including those backstories I mentioned, as well as the last full episode, “Season of the Hexenbeast” in case you want to catch up.  For added fun, Bitsie Tulloch ( ) will be live-Tweeting the episode tonight @BitsieTulloch “Grimm” airs Fridays 9pm ET on NBC

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