Jeremy Renner Doesn’t Believe in Conspiracy Theories…

Kill the Messenger, movie, poster, Jeremy Renner

…but I’m guessing he soon will.

Watch the first trailer for the new political thriller, Kill the Messenger, from the writer of “Homeland” Michael Cuesta, making his feature debut.  This had completely fallen off my radar and I had forgotten all about it until yesterday’s announcement that a trailer was forthcoming. Some pundits, however, are already putting Jeremy Renner on their ridiculously early awards season lists, as a possible best actor nominee. (C’mon. It’s only MAY. Putting those things out there too early unduly influences the minds of movie-goers, in my humble opinion. Besides, if we’re making early predictions, I’m calling Ralph Fiennes for The Grand Budapest Hotel.)

Kill the Messenger is based on a true story. Renner plays journalist Gary Webb, who exposed the CIA’s involvement and knowledge of the smuggling of cocaine into the United States. Webb’s publications put him and his family in the crosshairs of the agency who threatened to ruin his life and career.

“Some stories are just too true to tell.” Indeed.

In this first trailer we get a glimpse of costars Oliver Platt, Michael K. Williams, Michael Sheen, Rosemarie Dewitt, Barry Pepper, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ray Liotta. Pretty good cast, that!

Kill the Messenger opens in the US on October 10 and in the UK on 28 November. Me, I love a good conspiracy theory (not to mention it will be nice to see Renner in a role he can sink his chops into again), so I’ll be front and center with my popcorn. How about you? Interest piqued?

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