Matthew McConaughey’s New Commercials For Lincoln Are Peak McConaughey

Uproxx declares that “Matthew McConaughey can act the shit out of anything!”

To which I reply, “Yes. Yes he can”. And while we’re here, may I just add that that is not only something I’ve been saying for years, but the fact that it is now a universal truth is still more proof to anyone in need of a public perception make-over that rehabilitation and rejuvenation are possible. *coughYouKNOWwhoI’mtalkingaboutcough* It won’t be long before “McConaisance” becomes a noun recognized by the Oxford Dictionary.


A few things:

  • Matthew McConaughey and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn have teamed up to create a series of commercials for Lincoln, an automaker McConaughey has been tied to at least since his starring role in the 2011 film The Lincoln Lawyer.
  • The commercials have kind of a True Detective-y feel, in part because they remind me of the famous scenes where he creeped Woody Harrelson out as they drove from crime scene to crime scene, and in part because McConaughey is wearing the Rust Cohle uniform of rumpled white dress shirts, loosened neckties, and leather jackets.
  • There are three commercials (so far!), but my favorite by miles and miles and miles is the one at the top of the screen, because McConaughey gives the line “That’s a big bull” the FULL MCCONAUGHEY at about the 0:10 mark, and I have not been able to stop laughing since…

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