My Daily Moment of Torridly Martial Zen

 I really don’t think words are necessary here…

I think my enthusiasm for, and anticipation of, Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus is well documented by now. Every new still, every new tidbit of news hones my appetite the way Tullus Aufidius is honing that big knife…*shudder* it’s been years since I have so eagerly looked forward to the release of a film. (Three years to be exact.) When December 2nd finally arrives, (I have no doubt I will too…many many times)

…yer killin’ me Harvey!

My Daily Moment of Award Winning Zen

 I did two serious movie posts in a row (in two days no less!) I deserve a treat. 

Tonight, Monday July 11,  Gerard Butler received the Actor of the Year Award from the 9th Annual Ischia Global Film & Music Fest during the Casamicciola Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony. Why this year, I have no idea. In 2004, G was given Ischia’s ‘Special Fashion Award’, which is roughly the equivalent of ‘Best New Actor’, for the big screen version of Phantom of the Opera, and it hadn’t even been released yet. These Italians must be prescient lot. Maybe they’re anticipating the success of Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus! Yeah! That’s it!

It might also have something to do with the fact that the "host country" this year is the United Kingdom and will include the participation of actors, musicians and assorted industry types from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. I have no idea what exactly they mean by "host" since obviously it’s taking place in ITALY, but apparently India, China, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Japan, South Africa and Mexico were "hosts" in the previous eight incarnations of the festival. Good excuse for a party, in any case!

The poor thing. Must be hell to have to travel all the way to attend some boring festival* set on a sun soaked island in the Tyrrhenian Sea and wait for them to hand you an award and say nice things about you; nothing to do but hang around lolling on yachts, yakking to other celebrities, maybe take the occasional dip in the ocean or the pool at your luxury hotel while a parade of bikini clad beauties saunters by like a moveable feast… sucks to be you G.

In any case, I offer my heartfelt congratulations.

Oh and one more thing, I know they must have a gift shop or Quickie Mart or something on that island so next time you’re out for a pack of smokes, pick up some damn SUNSCREEN! *shakes fist*

*actually it must be a blast if my bff, Ryan Kavanaugh is spending his honeymoon there. Damn, who did I piss off in my previous life?

My Daily Moment of Zen

These were taken today, Monday 23 May, 2011 in London at the X-Men: First Class photo call. As Mr. Fits’ biggest fan said to me, "What is he? Made of marble??"


I can only assume the blonde hair is for Prometheus, Sir Ridley Scott’s sci-fi epic now filming.

And yes, these are cropped. I’m sorry Mr. Tumnus, you’re cute and all, but you have no place in my MF fantasies…and don’t get me started on Lenny Kravitz’s DAUGHTER!

My Daily Moment of Zen–with Muscles

Guess what I saw this weekend…

I admit, I’m late to the party on this Chris Hemsworth guy…
One of my besties has been on the 6’3"* Nordic blonde, Icelandic blue-eyed bandwagon for awhile now. This is for her:

…and this one is for me, it looks kinda badass:

As for the movie itself, Thor really was pretty much as I expected it to be. Perhaps, a little less "dumb". I had previously questioned what would draw Natalie Portman to a project like this and apparently the answer is that she had a thought similar to mine: the idea of Kenneth Branagh doing a comic book movie was "too weird", so she had to say yes. I do have to give director Branagh credit; everyone involved seemed to be having a great time, including Anthony Hopkins and Stellan Skarsgaard and especially Thor himself.

I loved hearing Idris Elba’s voice coming from Heimdall, although I would have liked it more if he’d looked a little more like Idris.

Ray Stevenson, you need a separate post. (Was "Rome" a fluke?) I get the Falstaff-ian overtones but, a fat suit? Hair that looked like he’d just come out of the beauty parlor in The Emerald City? Who do I blame for this? Branagh? Costume designer Alexandra Byrne? Stan Lee? Larry Lieber? I’m shaking my head at all of you.

In any case, for all of my post-trailer, pre-viewing misgivings, Thor is fun; a really good Saturday matinee, in the spirit of matinees of yore, like Flash Gordon etc and a perfectly legitimate excuse to sit in the dark, eat popcorn and stare at Chris Hemsworth’s pecs. JMHO

*or 6’5" depending on your source hee hee

My Daily Moment of Zen

It’s Friday and I’m as busy as a one-armed paper hanger, but I’m on strike. Sort of.
And I’m still seriously pissed off that Focus Features neglected to stipulate that the March 11 release date for Jane Eyre only applied to the swells in NY and LA. The rest of us plebs have to wait until the 18th or the 25th or if we live in the usually uber-cool UK, until September! (What is wrong with that picture? Wasn’t Charlotte Bronte British? Doesn’t it take place on fog shrouded moors and in dark and scary Gothic castles that only the British would refer to as a country house? But I digress…) By the way, Fandango still lists the release date as March 11, for MY ZIPCODE!   GRRRRRR….

In any case, I’m in serious need of a Zen moment…

Annoyed Gerry is hot Gerry…

even with watermarks…

Seriously, the more his forehead crinkles and he gets those two little lines between those eyes that look like storm clouds over a rough sea…

Okay…I’m still not feeling very Zen-like…but I’m happier…